Irish Penal Reform Trust

What we do

Established in 1994, the Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT) is Ireland's leading non governmental organisation campaigning for rights in the penal system and the progressive reform of Irish penal policy.

IPRT publishes a wide range of policy positions and research documents; we campaign vigorously across a wide range of penal policy issues; and we have established IPRT as the leading independent voice in public debate on the Irish penal system.

We have three priority areas of work:

  • a national penal policy which is just, humane, evidence-led, and uses prison as a last resort
  • a national penal system which protects and promotes human rights and strives to achieve international best practice in its regimes, daily practices and overall culture
  • IPRT as a sustainable, well-resourced, respected and collaborative stakeholder in penal policy in Ireland

We work towards progressive change through:

Advocacy based on research and evidence-led policies

  • carrying out research studies on issues relating to the penal system
  • publishing and disseminating a wide range of policy positions

Raising awareness of the work of IPRT and of penal reform issues

  • campaigning vigorously across key issues
  • disseminating the facts and dispelling the myths about prisons and prisoners
  • stimulating and providing platforms for inclusive public debate
  • organising conferences, lectures series and events
  • providing a comprehensive information resource on penal reform issues in Ireland on our website

Working constructively with others

  • constructive engagement with Government and elected officials
  • building strong relationships with other agencies in the criminal justice system
  • working with other NGO’s on common human rights issues
  • where necessary, mounting or supporting legal challenges to initiate change in Irish prisons
  • increasing our membership to demonstrate the wide support that exists for penal reform in Ireland

Download IPRT's Strategic Plan 2017 - 2021 here.

IPRT Annual Report 2011

Our report on IPRT activities and developments during 2011.

IPRT Annual Report 2010

Our report on IPRT activities and developments during 2010.

IPRT Strategic Plan 2011-15

IPRT undertook an evaluation of our work in 2010, with a view to setting out priority areas of activity for our next strategic plan. This process has culminated in the IPRT Strategic Plan 2011-2015.

IPRT Key Issues 2008-10

IPRT has identified ten priority areas on which we will focus our research and campaign activities in 2008-10.

IPRT Annual Report 2008-2009

Annual reports on IPRT activities and developments in 2008-09, presented by IPRT Chair and IPRT Executive Director.

IPRT Strategic Plan 2008-10

In 2008 IPRT undertook a review of our work with a view to bringing coherence and clarity of purpose to our activities. This process culminated in the IPRT Strategic Plan 2008-2010.

Respect for rights in the penal system with prison as a last resort.



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