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Principles of Action for Children with a Parent in Prison: Document Launch

6th September 2017

This ‘Principles of Action for Children with a Parent in Prison’ document is based on a project initiative undertaken by Dr. Fiona Donson, Dr. Aisling Parkes, School of Law, University College Cork, the Children’s Rights Alliance and IPRT.

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Towards an Innovative, Just, Humane and Effective Penal System – an overview of penal reform priorities 2017-21

22nd June 2017

Here, IPRT presents its ten priority directions for a fairer and more effective justice system. All of our proposals are backed up by solid evidence and research.

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Detention of Children: International Standards and Best Practice

20th December 2016

A research report from IPRT on the application and implementation of international human rights standards to children detention in Ireland, and how the aims enshrined in these standards can be best achieved in the Irish context.

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"In here, time stands still": Rights, Needs and Experiences of Older People in Prison

29th September 2016

This IPRT research report examines the rights, needs and experiences of older people in prison in Ireland, with a number of detailed recommendations.

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Monitoring of HIV, HCV, TB in Prison: National Report on Ireland

23rd June 2016

'Improving Prison Conditions by Strengthening the Monitoring of HIV, HCV, TB and Harm Reduction' - Mapping Report for Ireland

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Research Report: The Practice of Pre-trial detention in Ireland

30th April 2016

This report is one of 10 country reports outlining the findings of an EU-funded research project that was conducted in 10 different EU Member States in 2014 - 2015.

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Prison Litigation Network: National Report on Ireland

22nd April 2016

Report prepared by IPRT as the Irish national project partner to the Prison Litigation Network Project:

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Out on the Inside: The Rights, Experiences and Needs of LGBT People in Prison

1st February 2016

This IPRT report represents the first study of the needs and experiences of LGBT prisoners within the Irish context.

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Turnaround Youth: Young Adults (18-24) in the Criminal Justice System

12th May 2015

This IPRT report presents the case for the differential treatment of young adults aged 18-24 who come in contact with the criminal justice system, and is grounded in emerging evidence, best practice, and informed by input from young people with experience of the issues.

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Children's Rights Behind Bars: Report

11th December 2014

Children’s Rights Behind Bars is a collaboration between 16 European and International organisations. Its goal is to increase the respect of human rights of children deprived of liberty and improve the implementation of international juvenile justice standards to protect the rights and needs of incarcerated children.

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