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Spent Convictions

Securing employment or training, and the ability to rebuild a life after committing an offence, is crucial to breaking the cycle of offending. Effective spent convictions legislation has a major role to play in removing barriers to the reintegration of former offenders and prisoners who have demonstrated that they have moved on from past offending behaviour.

For information on whether the Spent Convictions legislation signed into law in February and commenced end April 2016 applies to you, please see Citizens Information. If this does not answer your question, please contact the Department of Justice - contact details here.

With thanks to we have produced a short information video on Spent Convictions (for convictions received for offences committed over 18). We have also produced an easy-to-read information sheet on spent convictions.

For questions about the Garda Vetting 'Admin Filter', please contact the Garda Central Vetting Unit.

IPRT has been campaigning for robust and extensive Spent Convictions legislation to be introduced in Ireland since 2007. You can read all about our work and recent developments below.

Offences committed under age 18?

Under Section 258 of the Children Act 2001, offences committed by those under eighteen years of age can be expunged from the record once certain conditions are met. See here.

With thanks to, we also have a short information video on Expungement of Convictions (for convictions received for offences committed under 18). We have also produced an easy-to-read information sheet on expungement of convictions.

IPRT Briefing on Criminal Justice (Rehabilitative Periods) Bill 2018 [PMB]

7th February 2019

A short briefing outlining the amendments the Criminal Justice (Rehabilitative Periods) Bill 2018, if passed, would make to the Criminal Justice (Spent Convictions and Certain Disclosures) Act 2016.

IPRT survey demonstrates need for expanded rehabilitation law

5th February 2019

ADVISORY: IPRT responds to the launch of the Criminal Justice (Rehabilitative Periods) Bill 2018 [PMB] by Senator Lynn Ruane.

Has having a criminal conviction affected you?

1st February 2019

The survey is now closed.

UK: Supreme Court finds criminal records disclosure regime in breach of ECHR

29th January 2019

The UK Supreme Court has found that two aspects of the criminal records disclosure regime in England and Wales are in breach of Article 8 ECHR.

IPRT Submission to the Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission Consultation on Strategy Statement 2019-2021

8th October 2018

In this submission, IPRT outlines the need for the extension of the current grounds for protection against discrimination and the addition of a ‘social origin’ and/or ‘socio-economic status’ ground.

US: Workers with Criminal Records

29th August 2018

A survey was conducted in the US on HR professionals, managers and non-managers to assess their attitudes and policies regarding the hiring of people with previous convictions.

Information on: Spent Convictions and Expungement of Convictions

20th November 2017

IPRT has launched two information sheets entitled 'Information on: Spent Convictions' and 'Information on: Expungement of Convictions'.

UK: Justice Committee publishes report on disclosure of youth criminal records

27th October 2017

The current system for disclosure of youth criminal records undermines the principles of the youth justice system, says the Justice Committee in a new report published today, 27 October 2017.

Round Up: IPRT Seminar 'Working with Conviction'

27th September 2017

IPRT held a seminar entitled 'Working with Conviction' on Tuesday 26th September 2017 in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin 2.

Irish Legal News: Penal reform group welcomes recommendations on drug decriminalisation and spent convictions

18th July 2017

IPRT has welcomed the National Drugs Strategy’s recommendation that the Government consider decriminalisation of minor drug possession and review spent convictions legislation.

Media Advisory: IPRT welcomes National Drugs Strategy recommendations

17th July 2017

IPRT welcomes National Drugs Strategy recommendations on criminal convictions and alternative sanctions.

Have you experienced issues with getting insurance after a conviction?

11th July 2017

IPRT would like to hear from people who have experienced issues with getting insurance (home/motor/self-employment/other) due to having previous convictions. Anonymity is completely guaranteed.

UK Aeneid Project: Employer-focussed initiative to increase & improve opportunities for those with criminal records

16th March 2017

Nacro is a social justice charity that helps the most vulnerable in the community to change their lives, and reach their full potential and aspirations. The Aeneid project is an employer-focussed initiative aimed at increasing & improving opportunities for those with criminal records.

UK: Department for Work & Pensions & Business in the Community, Guide to Open Recruitment

13th February 2017

'Strengthening your workforce with talent from disadvantaged groups' is the Department for Work & Pension's step-by-step guide to open recruitment, written in partnership with Business in the Community.

The Irish Times: Young people's criminal records 'should be wiped at 25'

2nd February 2017

Article discussing the removal of criminal records for crimes committed while aged 18-25 to help people in gaining employment.

Respect for rights in the penal system with prison as a last resort.



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