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Penal Reform International launch Global Prison Trends 2019

21st May 2019

Global Prison Trends 2019 is the fifth edition in PRI’s annual flagship Global Prison Trends series which identifies topical developments and challenges in criminal justice, and prison policy and practice.

Scotland: Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People in Custody

21st May 2019

The Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (SCCJR) has published a review identifying ways to improve the health and wellbeing of young people in custody.

Scotland: Extension of the presumption against short custodial sentences

17th May 2019

The Scottish Government has today officially announced plans to extend the current presumption against short custodial sentences.

‘Out of the Shadows’: Women with learning disabilities and the criminal justice system

15th May 2019

The Prison Reform Trust, in collaboration with Key Ring Living Support, have published a report that finds women with learning disabilities are at risk of becoming drawn into the criminal justice system due to failures to recognise their disability and a lack of appropriate support.

RESCALED: Movement for small scale detention

14th May 2019

RESCALED, launched in April 2019, advocates for a small-scale, differentiated approach to prisons, with community integration at its core.

UK: A study of the impact of a presumption against custodial sentences of three months or less in Scotland

8th May 2019

Crest evaluates the impact of the introduction of a presumption against the use of custodial sentences of three months or less in Scotland in 2011.

US: ‘Can we downsize our prisons and jails without compromising public safety?’ Findings from California’s Prop 47

1st May 2019

After a referendum was passed in 2014 in California to recategorise some nonviolent offences as misdemeanours, rather than felonies, what have the effects been on the crime rate?

UK: Draft sentencing guidelines for offenders with mental health conditions

12th April 2019

The Sentencing Council has launched a consultation on its proposed guideline on sentencing offenders with mental health conditions or disorders in England and Wales.

Guest blog for the Howard League for Penal Reform

4th April 2019

Authors of IPRT's 'Care and Justice' report, Dr Nicola Carr and Dr Paula Mayock, wrote a guest blog for the Howard League for Penal Reform's blog on ending the criminalisation of children in residential care.

'SPACE I' Annual Penal Statistics: Prison Populations 2018

2nd April 2019

The Council of Europe has published 'SPACE I' Annual Penal Statistics: Prison Populations 2018 report.

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