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Prison Reports

Reports on Irish prisons are gathered in this section, along with prison standards and other relevant reports.

Inspection reports of the Children Detention Schools, which are carried out by HIQA, are available in the youth justice section.

For reports on Irish prisons carried out by international monitoring bodies (CPT, UN CAT, etc.) please see Human Rights reports.

Irish Prison Service Annual Report 2010

25th August 2011

The 2010 Annual Report for the Irish Prison Service was published today, and is available online.

Probation Service: Annual Report 2010

28th July 2011

The Probation Service Annual Report 2010 has been published detailing the activities of the Probation Service for the year. It highlights positive developments in areas such as community service reform and the development of links with community organisations.

Inspector of Prisons: Annual Report 2010

30th May 2011

The Minister for Justice has published the Inspector for Prisons Annual report 2010.

Guidance on physical healthcare in a prison context

30th May 2011

The Inspector of Prisons, Judge Michael Reilly, has published 'best practice' guidelines for the physical healthcare that should be available to prisoners in our prisons.

Inspector of Prisons: Guidance on Best Practice relating to the Investigation of Deaths in Custody

6th April 2011

Inspector of Prisons, Judge Michael Reilly, has published guidelines for the investigation of deaths in custody in Irish Prisons.

Inspector of Prisons: Report on an Inspection of Mountjoy Prison

6th April 2011

The Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter, last night published the latest report from the Inspector of Prisons, Judge Michael Reilly.

Standards for the Inspection of Prisons in Ireland - Women Prisoners’ Supplement

2nd February 2011

The Inspector of Prisons has published the Women Prisoners' Supplement to the 'Standards for the Inspection of Prisons in Ireland'. The document outlines the particular obligations to women prisoners emanating from international obligations, domestic laws and best practice.

Irish Prisons Chaplains: Annual Report 2010

29th November 2010

The Irish Prison Chaplains have released their annual report for 2010. This report outlines how violence and drug use are escalating within the Irish Prison System, with overcrowding adding to inhumane conditions.

Annual Report 2009 from the Inspector of Prisons

26th October 2010

The Office of the Inspector of Prisons Annual Report 2009 was published on 22nd Oct 2010 by the Department of Justice and Law Reform.

Report of an Investigation on the use of 'Special Cells' in Irish Prisons

26th October 2010

A report by Inspector of Prisons, Judge Michael Reilly, on the use of 'special cells' in Irish prisons.

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