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A strategic goal of IPRT is to promote reform of Irish sentencing practice in a number of key areas.

Our starting point is that imprisonment itself causes a number of serious social harms, therefore imprisonment should only be used sparingly at the point of sentencing and the numbers in prison should be reduced.

As a key strategic goal for IPRT, we aim to promote the embedding and extension of the principle that detention should only be used as a last resort, while remaining committed to retaining and supporting the principles of proportionality and judicial independence in sentencing.

IPRT believes that mandatory and presumptive sentencing regimes are not effective. By removing or restricting judicial discretion, it denies the courts of the opportunity to choose sentences which are fair, proportionate and that reflect all the relevant circumstances of specific cases.

We also advocate for publication of sentencing data and analysis of this data. In practice, we believe that greater transparency in sentencing can be achieved, as well as better coordination between sentencing authorities and other agencies on the penal system.

Community Service Bill back in Dáil: Second Stage

21st March 2011

The Criminal Justice (Community Service)(Amendment)(No. 2) Bill 2011 is tabled for consideration by the Dáil on Thurs, 24th March. IPRT has previously welcomed this new legislation which brings our vision of a penal system where imprisonment is used only as a last resort closer to reality.

IPRT welcomes publication of Criminal Justice Bill

12th January 2011

The legislation, published today, will require the courts to consider imposing a community service order for minor offences where it would otherwise be appropriate to sentence the offender to imprisonment for a period of up to six months.

Imprisonment for non payment of debt

16th December 2010

In a report released today the Irish Law Reform Commission recommended that imprisonment for non payment of debt should be abolished within the state.

User Views of Punishment: The comparative experience of short term prison sentences and community based punishments

12th November 2010

The Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research has published a new report detailing the impacts of short sentences, in both prison and the community, on offenders.

UK: Public Opinion and Sentencing for Murder

28th October 2010

New research carried out by the Nuffield Foundation suggests that public support for the mandatory sentence of life imprisonment for murder is much more limited than has traditionally been assumed.

UK: The Reality of Short Term Prison Sentences

14th October 2010

Research carried out by the Howard League for Penal Reform, in collaboration with the Prison Governors' Association, has shown that many prison governors do not believe that short sentences are effective.

US: Missouri Sentencing Advisory Commission

12th October 2010

In the United States, the Missouri Sentencing Advisory Commission has recently started to provide judges and others involved in sentencing and corrections with information about treatment programs and supervision options available in the community and in prison.

Inspector of Prisons calls for new courts system

1st September 2010

The Inspector of Prisons has called for a new courts system which would address the causes of criminality rather than criminalise offenders, reports Cormac O'Keeffe in the 'Irish Examiner'.

New Sentencing Database Launched

3rd August 2010

The Irish Sentencing Information System provides a new online tool for researching sentencing.

Community courts can play a role in our criminal justice system

28th June 2010

Judge Michael Reilly the inspector of prisons describes how both numbers of criminal offences and the prison population can be reduced.

Respect for rights in the penal system with prison as a last resort.



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